Be a creator!

It does not matter what you create but everybody should leave something memorable in this world. Because there is nothing more disappointing than looking back at your life and recognizing you haven’t changed anything. Give everybody the opportunity to remember you or your work. That means a creator can be somebody who makes things you can touch, watch, read etc. (Filmmaker, Artists, Designer…) or someone who achieved a change (Martin Luther King) or brought something good into others life (Happiness, Hope…) .

It is not hard to be a creator so make sure you leave your footprint.

If you keep this sentence in your head all day long you will become a better person fast!

This is one method I use to keep me motivated. It helps a lot because you get hungry for more. You want to create more and bigger things. You start to dream big. And this dream becomes your vision which won’t leave your head anymore. Then you become obsessed and after that you begin to work. Everyday a bit more because you know life is short as f**k. Now you will push through everything and nothing can stop you. And in your head you already live your vision. If you reach that level of motivation you can stop reading my blog. Because you have achieved this kind of mindset I call “am WOW“.

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Have a great day and shoot for the top!

The magic of photography

Ferrari EngineHave you ever considered buying a camera but you are not sure if photography is your thing? In my opinion everybody should try it. In the time of smartphones you do not have to buy a expensive camera. You already have everything you need. Yourself and the camera of your Phone. Now just start! 

But you should not expect that your first photos will be as perfect as you want them to be. It takes time to improve and that is one part from the magic of photography. You learn that consistency and effort will bring you further in Life. You can watch yourself grow. Trust me this is a big motivation.

The second part is Creativity because when you go out to shoot, your mind comes up with new and great ideas. You literally think without limitations. You can create everything you want in the picture. Different photos can cause different emotions for example happiness, fear, anger or satisfaction. The key is to find the right composition. But everybody talks about rules and mistakes. There are no rules when it comes to photography. Shoot anything you want in the way you want. No matter if the picture is blurry or too bright. This could be your style. Do not let anyone limit your creativity. Find your own style.