The truth about dropshipping!

I am sure many of you know what dropshipping is. Incase you have lived under a Rock the past year I will give you a short explanation. If you have an online shop you have to buy and store the products which you want to sell. But with dropshipping you buy after someone has ordered on your site. And your supplier will deliver the product directly to your costumer. This saves you a lot of money and you do not have to worry about storage. That is why anybody can start making money with this Business.

Before you create your own Shop be aware of the risks.

First of all you are responsible for the products you sell! If your products are not certified and cause sickness or are poisoning you will get in big trouble! This might not happen to everyone but have it in mind before you start.

Many people do not pay attention to the selection of their supplier. You definitely do not want unreliable suppliers which produce bad quality and deliver too late. Your customers will not buy again if they make bad experiences. Make sure you check the products you sell once in a while to guarantee the quality.

Dropshipping is a good and easy way to make money but you need to learn a few things upfront! With this post I do not want to stop you from doing it. I want to save you from big mistakes. You can ask me anytime! Feel free to shoot me a text!

Have a successful Day!


Instinctive willingness of winning!

As I talked about in the last post I will now tell you what IWOW is!

It is means Instinctive willingness of winning. With this term I describe the level of motivation in which you do not need motivation from outside anymore. This sounds a bit complicated. Let me explain it:

Many people need to watch videos or need a huge amount of time to motivate themselves to do something. But if you are in the state of IWOW you are hungry for the success and you will do anything in order to get what you want. Almost all highly successful people have reached this level of motivation. I am convinced that you need to get the IWOW to become successful. Why? Because everybody have to go through a hard time in life and only the hungry and obsessed people will survive. Make sure you do not need any external motivation. Make yourself hungry and obsessed with working and reaching your goals.

It might be wrong to call IWOW a level of motivation because in my opinion motivation is only a feeling. IWOW begins where the motivation ends. In this state you do not feel motivated. You are addicted with climbing to the top and becoming the best.

I will tell you my story how I reached IWOW and tell you a few tips to get there. Make sure you do not miss the next post and press the follow button!

Have a great and successful day. Be Hungry! Stay strong! Work harder!


Online learning

I am convinced that the internet gave us the opportunity to unlimited knowledge! We are able to find out informations about everything. For example learning how to beatbox or trying to understand the theory of relativity aren’t big challenges since the world wide web has been developed. The problem is many people do not see the potential.

By online learning I mean getting knowledge through the internet. There are a few things you should take care about:

  1. Do not trust one source (Read articles from 3 or more different sites)
  2. Make notes
  3. Watch , read and listen
  4. Learn until you can explain it to an other person

If you follow these rules you will be able to learn successfully and fast. The best thing is that you are able to learn only the important informations or if you want you can get unlimited knowledge about one area. You literally can start as an amateur and end as an expert!

At the end I want to give you a little tip:

If you are too lazy to read you can watch documentaries. Personally I like to watch them at the weekend before I stand up or during cooking. Through documentaries I gained an enormous grounding.

Make sure you learn everyday and grow your mind because the more you know the better your ideas!


Write your own story!

You only have one life and you have to make sure that you do everything you want to. Do not change your life for anyone. Many people are not in control of their own life. They do not write their own story.

To be in charge you need to stop listening to everybody’s advice and opinion. Concentrate on what you want to achieve in your life! Because why should you live a life of someone else? You are unique and so should be your life!

But as soon as you start going a different way, many people want to stop you. And you have to stay strong and go further! Because it only shows that you go in the right direction! The key is to have a vision to follow and the problem of the people is, that they do not see it. But only the weak talk bad about you and try to get you back on track. A real friend is convinced that you both can become great even if he can not see your vision. Make sure you surround yourself with this kind of friends and motivate them as hard as you can.

I hope you start to write your own story and inspire your real friends to do the same.

Stay positive and shoot for the top!


Knowledge a powerful weapon!

Many highly successful people have made their Money through knowledge in a specific area. For example Bill Gates knows almost everything about computers or Warren Buffet, he is an expert in Investment and knows everything about the company’s he owns. There are many other rich people who have the same knowledge in their area. How did they learn so much?

They read a lot. When I say a lot I mean about 50 books a year. This is a crazy amount of books. But the key is,  they are passionate and obsessed with one thematic and therefor they have this greed after more knowledge. As soon as you get this hungry after information it will be very easy to read this much. Even if you are not into reading you can listen to audiobooks or watch documentaries.

The best way to split your knowledge is to become a expert in one particular area. You need to know more than everybody else. If you have this attitude you will be able to make money with this. Because when you are the best and know more than everybody else, you will have a big advantage. This advantage will get you Ideas no one could ever imagine. But you need to have a big grounding. The bigger it is, the fewer people can use knowledge against you. For example you want to sell a car and you know nothing about the car. It could happen that this is very rare car and you do not even recognize. And someone who does will use your lack of knowledge against you.

Make sure you know as much as you can about everything. And even more about the theme you are obsessed with. Your mind is the greatest power you have.

– An investment in knowledge pays the best interest –

– Benjamin Franklin –



Why you need a Signature

What does you handwritten signature look like? You have no signature?! That needs to change! You have to have one because it is something to express yourself. This should be a peace of art designed by yourself. It makes a big difference if you only write your name with normal letters or if you have an amazing signature that looks amazing!

How do you design you signature? Take your time and sit down. Start with your name and write it down letter after letter. Then look what you want to change and try new things. If you need inspiration search after handwritten signatures in the internet or for example famous signatures. But it should not be a copy it should show who you are. If you are a creative person you can draw a symbol to your name ( Walt Disney) or if you like minimalistic design your signature should look minimalistic. Try something new!

When you have find a perfect design you have to practice it. Write it at least 100 times. If you realize some parts are hard to write you are able to change it. Because a signature should be easy and fast to write. Now have fun and create something outstanding!

– Success is when your signature becomes an autograph –

– Abdul Kalam –

Think without limits!

We all were born with this ability. Every kid has absolutely no limitation in their mind. If you ask a kid about their dream or plans for the future the common answers would probably be pilot, firefighter or astronaut. They do not have a voice in their had that always says: “You can not become an astronaut, it is to hard to pass all the tests!”. But as they grew up almost everyone loses this ability. But what happened?! The short answer is LIFE! You will make bad experiences and with every setback you receive you lose this ability a little bit more.

Although there is a way to keep this skill! You need to awake your little child in yourself and everybody has it. Think about a dream that you had as a kid. And then make this dream become reality. You always wanted a Lamborghini? Rent it for one day! You will be the happiest person on the world! And with every moment of happiness you will forget your mind limiting thoughts more and more because you think everything is possible. Congratulations you have found the Key to unlimited creativity.

Every big inventor or visionary has this skill! You are not able to do something no one has done before if you do not think thoughts no one has ever had before! This is literally the secret of amazing ideas. The less limitations you have the more you will think outside the box!

– Creativity is intelligence having fun –

Albert Einstein

End laziness!

Have you ever had a day in your Life on which you have done nothing? And by nothing I mean nothing. You woke up and felt immediately lazy and exhausted? I bet you had this day at least one time.

Many of you have to deal with this problem every day. I have gone through this time as well and I know that this is very depressing. In my head I knew it is bad to do nothing but I could not bring up the energy to stand up and work. At the end of this day I felt very bad and guilty for not even trying to do something about it. But at the next day nothing changed. The only thing I have done in this time was watching Netflix and YouTube. I watched motivational movies and tutorials about ending laziness and was hoping that one day I will gain enough motivation and energy to start. Because I already had dreams and visions how my life should look like.

But on one day I decided to change my life. Because I recognized that it is a decision to be lazy and I can change it. I started to get up at at 5 AM every single day and this consistency helped me to wake up energized (Read my Post about waking up early). It requires discipline and at the beginning it was very hard and on some days I hit the snooze button and had again a lazy day. In the end I loved it to be awake when everybody else is sleeping.

Now you have the energy for the day but you need to use it to achieve greatness. You need to make two agreements with yourself:

  1. You are not allowed to lay down and chill from the time you wake up til the time you go to bed!
  2. Use the time right! You will have more time than you expect! Now, do the work that needs to be done

After one or two weeks this will become your everyday lifestyle and you can not stop searching for more work!

Work like a engine! Produce massive power!




Find your Lifestyle

By Lifestyle I mean the red line through your life. Which decides where you will be at the end. But you are in charge of the long term destination by thinking your thoughts, dreaming your dreams, and living your life.

Everybody talks about the life you should live and what might be the best for you and your body.  The first step is to shutdown all these noises and concentrate on yourself. Think about what you want and where or who you want to be in the future. If the destination is defined you know what’s to do to get there. That is how your lifestyle should be chosen. For sure someone can give you advice but now you know if this will help to reach your goal.

How do you find the right Lifestyle? In my opinion the best way is studying people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Find out what they have done and how they live. But do not copy one person because nobody is like you. Study many people and mix your own Lifestyle-Cocktail.


  –  “Live your Life because you only have one” –



Only a car or art?

Is a car considered as a piece of art or just as a piece of metal?

For sure there are cars which are very ugly (Fiat Multipla) and are not really considered as a peace of art. But I think someone who is able to design or build a car is an artist. And some artists are better than others. For example Enzo Ferrari, he was an outstanding artist. The work he has done is amazing.

In 2017 I visited the Ferrari and the Lamborghini museum. I can really recommend visiting if you are interested in cars. They show the rarest and the most expensive cars like the LaFerrari Aperta or the legendary F40 and many other beautiful cars (You want to see more photos? Visit my instagram account). Now back to the topic.


Okay, no words needed! This Ferrari 340 MM is pure art. The quality and composition is amazing. I could fall in love with it and if you are obsessed with cars too you will probably think the same!

Many people wonder how someone is willing to pay 4 or 5 million dollar for a car. And the answer might be a bad one but: Because cars are beautiful! It is not that hard to explain.

So are cars art or only cars? In my opinion they are art!! Just take a look ate the details and complete different designs. Let me know if you think the same!